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You’re the designer. Color Match is available in literally millions and millions of personalized colors. Literally the world at your fingertips. A unique polish system with rich, dense and true color that glides on smoothly and dries fast and hard. Snap a pic, tap a color and create your unique shade!


Color Pop Base Coat & Brightener was developed specifically to help you make the most of your polish adventure. It’s a semi-translucent, shimmery first step that creates great adhesion and enhances longer wear. Pops your color as no other base coat does.


Bulletproof Glossy and Rock Hard Matte Top Coats can really take it! Tinted to enhance your polish color, creating the longest wear possible and formulated to resist chipping. One coat = seven days of wear. Two coats = even more wear and a deeper color. Protect and create the look you want.


TIPS for Easy Application and Longer Wear

  • Apply COLOR POP Base Coat & Brightener to clean, dry nails.
  • Important: Cover the nail plate, tips and edge of the nail with each polish layers for best results.
  • Keep all polish off your cuticles.
  • Air Dry your nails and let the polish dry completely between coats, usually around 5 minutes.
  • Avoid any alcohol based materials on your nails, it can weaken your polish finish.
  • It’s easy to touch up during the week; apply one coat of our COLOR POP Base & Brightener, one COLOR MATCH color coat and one coat of either our BULLETPROOF Glossy or ROCK HARD Matte top coats for best results.
  • Enjoy your color experience with Alex&Tay
  • Let us know what you think – your comments and ideas help us improve. Email us at with any comments you might have. Thanks, the Alex&Tay team.

COLOR POP Base Coat & Brightener
Show off your personalized color with our COLOR POP Base Coat & Brightener. This translucent white base coat creates great adhesion and pops your color like no other base coat can. It’s like printing on bright white paper – truer color and great adhesion.

COLOR MATCH Custom Color Nail System
Choose from millions of colors generated from our COLOR MATCH formula engine. With Alex&Tay polish, the digital color spectrum is wide open to you with rich, fluid color coverage.   Apply one or two coats – they go on easy and dry fast and hard.

BULLETPROOF Glossy & ROCK HARD Matte Top Coats
Complete your personalized color look with our BULLETPROOF Glossy or ROCK HARD Matte Top Coats, tinted to enhance your color in either an amazing gloss or super matte finish. Your new favorite top coats have been formulated to resist chipping and to give you up to 7-day wear. Put on 2 coats and you can get twice the wear, and it’s really easy to take off. The Alex&Tay custom nail color system is rated 7-free and has been certified in Material Health at the Silver level by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, which means our products contain no substances known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, genetic damage, or reproductive harm and all materials used in our Alex&Tay packaging are recyclable.