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about halo colorlab

Welcome to HALO colorlab. Color trending is a big business and each season there are THE colors that everyone follows; clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and yes nail polish.

We thought trending could be about your trend and that each of us has creativity, a fashion point of view and we wanted to build a company around the idea that you’re the designer.

When we created the HALO colorlab, we thought it would be fun to create an easy to use mobile design app, that gave you the ability to have the nail color you wanted by using your phone’s camera to capture your color inspiration.

Take a pic, pick a color, name your polish and order away in just seconds. It’s fun, really simple, easy to use and today there are over 15 million colors available.

We are a group digital engineers, designers, chemists and obviously huge lovers of color. Our goal was to create a color customization technology in a mobile platform that was connected to a single bottle manufacturing system – pretty much any color you want, delivered in days for just $15.95 with free shipping everyday.

Our other ongoing mission is to develop high performance, cost effective products, that have formulas that do not contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer or impact human hormonal systems – that’s why we’re 8-free. We have friends and family and our products had to perform amazingly well and cause no harm – it’s not in our nature to do it any other way.

Our 8-free nail polish performs better than other leading polishes that contain harmful chemicals. Our nail polish formulas have been reviewed and analyzed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and we have received a silver rating for material health. This is certified confirmation that all materials and chemicals that are known to cause cancer or disrupt human hormonal systems have been removed from our fast drying, long wear nail polish system.

We also have years in the environmental space, and have designed our packaging to be recyclable whenever possible. Our exterior packaging is completly recyclable and our nail polish product can be recycled except for the nail brush and stem.

We will continue to innovate our packaging and formulations to serve the earth and our customers to the highest degree. A portion of each sale goes to a worthy cause that supports human health, education or the environment.

The HALO Team